Recent and upcoming events….and Happy Happy Thanksgiving!!

Hey All!  Sorry so long since my last post!   Can’t believe Thanksgiving is already upon us!  How did it get to be November so fast!!  Is anyone else’s head spinning?!

Let’s see….what’s been going on…

September 30th I got to do fun coffeehouse for a great group of folks at Duluth First Baptist Church!  Thanks Melissa Newman for pulling me in to do that!   We all had a great time – from laughter to tears….. as we traveled the ups and downs of life – through story and song; seeing God’s tender love & goodness in the midst of it!   Thanks for all who came out that evening!!

The weekend of October 21-23 I went to Ellijay, GA for a wonderful women’s ministry retreat through “BE FREE” Ministry.   Thanks Ashley Harris for inviting me to come to sing and share with this sweet group of ladies.  I was so very blessed to be a part of such a special weekend!!

Thanksgiving week for us, our little family is going on a long anticipated special getaway…. drum roll please….the 4 boys and I are going on a CRUISE to the Bahamas!!  What?!!   Yes – Still can’t believe we leave in 2 days!!  Realizing that this year was my oldest son’s LAST year of high school….and last year he’ll be “fulltime” at home…..we just had to do something special and very intentional.  We are all so excited!   Say a prayer that all goes smooth and we get back safe & sound!!   I’ll be back in town to lead worship and share a bit of my story at Duluth First Baptist Church on November 27th.   All are welcome to come!!

Then on December 8th, I’ll be doing a coffeehouse for the annual Christmas Tea for the ladies at Chestnut Mountain Presbyterian Church.   Looking forward to this great group to share the story of God’s Goodness & Love!  (and sing a few Christmas songs too!!)   Thanks Laura Carson for pulling me into this one!

That’s all for now…..

Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!    Count your blessings!  We have so much to be thankful for!!